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Hair should be simple. it grows from your scalp and shields you from the elements. It curls around, looking cute and doing its thing and asking for nothing in return. It’s a beautiful relationship.

Somewhere along the way, things got twisted. Someone told you your kinks weren’t good enough, so you ironed them like a cheap shirt. When that wasn’t good enough, you waged chemical warfare, but that still wasn’t good enough. They used glue. Glue. And attached other people’s hair to your beloved scalp. As if some woman in Brazil or India was blessed with better hair than you…

So, are you frustrated with your hair? Maybe you should be asking yourself if your hair is frustrated with you.

The Locmamas! philosophy is simple. We believe that natural hair is the solution to whatever you are seeking. It doesn’t matter if your goal is professional or playful, your natural hair is capable of it. Stylish? Yes. Sexy? You’d better believe it. 

It is the foundation of how we nurture our clients, and now it’s the foundation of the Locmamas Academy.  If you’re a new client, we welcome you to come in for a consultation and we’ll show you how you can honor your style, while reflecting the radiance of yourtrue self.

If you are interested in honing your skills as a  natural hair professional, we invite you to check out the Locmamas Academy, enrolling now. 

Either way, healthy and HOT are not mutually exclusive. 

Think of us as relationship counselors for natural hair. We know you might not have always gotten along. Maybe it’s disappointed you in the past – maybe you said or did some things that caused it pain. It’s okay. Put it behind you. The Locmamas! are here now.



Your appointments are very important to Locmamas! We hold your appointments just for you. All appointments must be prepaid (including $3 credit card fee) and booked online. This way our team of professionals will be able to adjust their schedule to accommodate clients on our waiting list.

Please come to your appointment alone. Our shop is intimate. Space is at a premium. 
If you must bring a guest, let us know in advance.

Because of the above, children are not allowed unless they are receiving services or are approved in advance

Please bring pictures of the style that you want to your consultation.

Let us know ALL of the services that you need during your consultation so that we can schedule enough time.

Emergencies happen. To reschedule, please go to the edit option on your confirmation email or text.

During the week (Wednesday-Friday), you have up to 24 hrs to cancel. All fees will be credited to your next appointment or refunded.


Please remove hair styles and thoroughly comb your hair before coming to your appointment.

We do not offer style removal.

Prices for hair extension services do not include the cost of hair. Please bring your own hair or let us know in advance so that we can pre-order hair, which will cost extra.

This is M. London, HMIC (Head Mama In Charge) Locmamas Salon. She’s a Master Loctician.

She began her natural journey in 1992, undergoing the big chop   years before the words big and chop had anything to do with natural hair. In 1996 she began exclusively styling natural hair. She didn’t just style it, she lived it; natural, dynamic, bold and years ahead of her time.

Some stylists don’t care if you loc it, fry it, press it or glue it as long as they get paid. Not London. She built a shrine to natural hair in Metro Atlanta. This is her passion. She’s serious.

Click the photo and set up your consultation. You deserve it.

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What They Say

Candice Simmons

It was my first time having my locs professionally styled. The knowledge and experience these ladies had was amazing. The vibe was oh so chill and my hair is beautiful.


dianne spigner rogers

This was my first visit today and it was a wonderful experience everyone was very professional and kind. I was very pleased with my locs and style👍👍


A.Moor's Professional Services LLC

I was new to the hair salon scene, and Im so glad that I came to loc Mammas first. Great energy in the salon, professional and friendly staff. They walked me through my starter locs journey and im staying with them for the long run. If you need any natural hair needs, call them up.

Cavi Nicole

I love, love, love this place. Michelle London is truly a master stylist and natural hair extraordinaire! She has great energy and the vibe at the salon is nice. I’ve been going to her for a few months now and she has always exceeded my expectations!